Location scouts are mad about Madison Heights


Thank you for your interest in filming in our beautiful neighborhood. (See map)

Madison Heights is one of the most popular filming sites in the nation. The architecture of our homes and tree-shaded streets serve as an ideal background for movies, television programs and commercials. Location managers should contact MHNA Treasurer Kristin Harrison at 626-688-2178 prior to filming.

While we appreciate your efforts to mitigate the inevitable commotion and congestion associated with filming, the Madison Heights Neighborhood Association (MHNA) has established a policy of requesting that all production companies make a nominal donation to our association for the benefit of our beautification and preservation program. We have found that our neighbors are far more tolerant of inconveniences when they realize that filming is accompanied by a contribution to their neighborhood.

MHNA is a non-profit organization comprised of homeowners. We are recognized by the City of Pasadena and strive to preserve and enhance the character and harmony of our neighborhood.

Suggested donation

We suggest a donation of $500 per shoot. Checks should be payable to  "Madison Heights Neighborhood Association" and sent to:

Kristin Harrison, Treasurer
The Madison Heights Neighborhood Association
686 S. Arroyo Parkway, #199
Pasadena, CA 91105

For any questions or for a copy of our W-9 form or 501 (c)(3) letter, please call Kristin at the number above or email her.


Does your home have star quality? 

Many Madison Heights residents have expressed an interest in listing their property for filming.  For information on whether your home is a candidate, a good start would be to contact a location company that acts as an agent for the property.  Location companies that are frequently involved in Pasadena shoots include:

MHNA does not endorse any location company. This list is provided for informational purposes only.