Helping us stay safe and informed

Keeping our neighborhood intact and safe is the ultimate goal of the Block Captain program. Watching out for one another and “say something if you see something" has proven to be an excellent way to meet our goals. 

What is a Block Captain?

Block captains were designed to address the city's desire to add more neighborhood watch programs to our communities. In addition to acting as a liaison between our association and the Pasadena Police Department, Block Captains will also act as the “street communicators” for the MHNA board.

Why do we need Block Captains?

Each street in our neighborhood has different needs and concerns including crime, traffic, development, mansionization, etc. Block Captains present their street’s unique needs to MHNA, and in many situations the association can help address these concerns through letter writing to the city, community contacts, information gathering, and more.

What Are the Responsibilities?

We ask block captains to host one initial community block meeting with the PPD's Community Service Officer, Sarah Presley. Officer Presley will come to your home in the evening on a prearranged date and discuss with your neighbors what it means to be officially recognized as a Neighborhood Watch by the City of Pasadena. The City sends out official postcards to your neighbors listing the date, time, and place for the meeting once it has been set between the host and Officer Presley.

As neighbors gather at the meeting and emails lists are created from attendees, we also ask the Block Captain to act as the “street communicator" for the MHNA board. MHNA has a master email list and will send out a monthly blast, but many times it is more effective to send information through Block Captains. For this reason, MHNA will distribute urgent or targeted information from the association to the streets via Block Captains. 

How do I sign up? 

To volunteer or get more information, email Erika Foy, Vice President of Membership


Block captains  (see map below)

Rosey Bell

Heidi Bender

Suzie Boyer

Glenn Camhi

Sue Colton

Barbara Cser

Annette Drey

Erika Foy

Sharon Freeark

Steve Higginbotham

Jane Laudeman

Page Malloy

Elana McInerny

Ryan Panzarello

Kate Seley

Roxanne Tomayo

Kathy Wales

Block Captains Map

As of 5/5/17

As of 5/5/17