Lights… Camera… Trees!


Madison Heights is one of the most frequently filmed neighborhoods in Pasadena.  Known for its gracious, tree lined streets and beautiful homes, our neighborhood is easily recognized in numerous movies, TV shows, and commercials.

Maintaining the beauty of Madison Heights is one of MHNA’s prime concerns, and over the years we have worked closely with the City of Pasadena to achieve this goal. While the City is responsible for planting the designated street tree, they are only allowed to plant 15-gallon size trees.

MHNA has upgraded several trees in the neighborhood, resulting in the planting of larger trees. Examples of this upgrading can be seen with the Magnolia trees on Oakland.

You may remember that Glenarm Circles were initially planted with ground cover, but MHNA had them replanted with white roses and flowering trees.

Most Madison Heights residents are probably unaware that the money for beautification comes from film companies. As is the practice in other frequently filmed neighborhoods, MHNA asks each film company for a donation of $500 per shoot, which is relayed to the production company when they apply for a permit at the Pasadena Film Office.

If your home is being used as a location by a production company, we would appreciate it if you would remind your contact about this donation.  Not only is it a great way for the film company to "give back" to the neighborhood, but the donation helps ensure that Madison Heights will continue to remain a beautiful place to shoot.

See our Location Filming page for more details for film companies and for homeowners.